When less is more


Three words that contain the whole essence of minimalism. This phrase was said by the modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the first half of the 20th century. Unfortunately, he never knew about the impact of his words on many brilliant minds living after.⠀

But why is minimalism so popular recently? It is obvious that time itself pushes people to simplify everything around:⠀
  • The abundance of information is huge that we are forced to filter the acquired knowledge, focusing on the most important;⠀
  • Craving for a calm aesthetic. Restrained tones and simple forms are what contrasts with the usual. And the unusual always attracts. That is why so many people now adhere to the principle of minimalism in the clothes and interior;⠀
  • One good thing instead of 10 mediocre ones. Such a thing never lies on the shelves. Because it is beautiful, convenient and versatile. It does not lose its "appearance". Therefore, you wear it with pleasure for more than one year.
Simplicity is the rejection of excess for focusing on the main thing. It seems to me that now is the best time to simplify our lives and find simple solutions.

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