Why careful maintenance of things is important for the environment


Unexpectedly, but it is a fact: washing machine over the average life consumes more water than 4 people can drink in a lifetime. And how much energy is required to heat this water…⠀

It is impossible to ignore the problem of the impact of washing on the environment. And if everyone pays attention to eco-friendly care of things, the level of energy and water consumption will significantly decrease. ⠀

A careful attitude also entails a significant reduction in the amount of garbage. Because the service life of your clothes is increasing.⠀

Follow the instructions, do not wash often, use eco-friendly products, and try to wash clothes for a short time and in cool water. Perhaps this is all you need to remember. ⠀

And below I will remind you how eco-friendly and rational the care of linen and cotton clothing is: ⠀
  • Machine or manual washing in cold water with a softener. As well as delicate drying at low temperature or air drying;⠀
  • We recommend enjoying the natural noble folds of linen. But if you want to iron it, then do it from the inside. It is most effective to iron a slightly damp cloth at high temperatures;⠀
  • Do not use bleach, dry cleaning, or chemical products to remove stains.

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