Love for others begins with self-love

Everyone is talking about it now. But few people can say what it means to love yourself. How does this love manifest itself?

For me, self-love is appeared through:

🌿 the ability to experience emotions. Any. Even negative ones. Without condemnation and prohibitions. Love = acceptance;

🌿 liberation from unnecessary things and thoughts that "clutter up" the living space. Love = purity;

🌿 the ability to please yourself without regret for no reason with delicious food, beautiful clothes and impressions. Love = generosity;

🌿 actions that have been long and persistently postponed due to lack of funds or time. Love = life here and now.


All of these statements apply to interpersonal relationships as well. Love is based on acceptance, it is impossible without sincerity. In love, it is always important to give and live every second "to the fullest".

Therefore, I am convinced that only those who appreciate, respect and love themselves in any mood can give true love. Even when you fail, you always know that you deserve to be loved. First of all, by yourself!

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