What is decating?

Should we talk about the mandatory procedure that any natural fabric undergoes? Technical, at first glance, the term decatizing means a simple but very important process of preparing the fabric for cutting and sewing.

Decating is a wet-heat treatment of the material, thanks to which it is possible to avoid shrinkage of the finished product in the future. And after decating, the fabric gets dirty less and acquires a more even color. Not a procedure, but solid advantages. The essence of decating is that linen is alternately lowered into hot and cold water. After that, the fabric is gently wrung out, dried (not completely) and ironed from the inside.

You know that we use only high-quality materials for tailoring. Our linen was brought from Europe, pre-washed and each product was ironed by me personally in the most conscientious way. Therefore, after delicate washing and timely ironing, you will not have to give your favorite Sandara brand items to someone because of shrinkage.

Have you heard of decating before?

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