How to introduce children to conscious consumption?

The mission of the Sandara brand is to reduce the use of plastic in the world. Therefore, we sew only from 100% natural materials. No polyester. We also send a part of the proceeds from the sale to plant trees. Naturally, there are several eco-friendly habits in my family, which we have been observing for a long time.

How do I instill in my children a conscious attitude to nature? Only by their actions. There is no other way. I am convinced that it is possible to raise children as much as you want, but it will not make sense if we do the opposite.


What we do in our family:

🌿 We try not to use plastic. This is solved very simply – reusable grocery bags, water bottles, and lunch containers;

🌿 We buy products in bulk, in large packages;

🌿 We sort plastic and paper and give them to recycling.

I teach children to moderate consumption, choosing only the right quality things that bring joy. Also in our home library, there are several books on the topic of an eco-friendly lifestyle that we read from time to time with children.

Of course, I don't forget to talk to children about the importance of taking care of the surrounding nature. Because such conversations bring us closer and unite us even more on the way to a happy future on a healthy green planet.

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