How to invest to wardrobe

How understand that we buying clothes as an investment, and not as a waste? Very simple. If clothes "work" for more than one year instead of gathering dust in the closet, then you are doing everything right.⠀

Is there any other way to invest in your wardrobe?⠀
  • Give it. Sell it. Between elegant and casual clothes, always choose the second one;⠀
  • Choose clothes made of natural fabrics. They will not only serve you for a long time and comfortably, but also will not go unnoticed in the eyes of others;
  • Form your wardrobe slowly. Finding a high-quality basic thing is sometimes more difficult than an unusual dress. When choosing, focus on the fact that all the things of the wardrobe are compatible;⠀
  • Think carefully about your wardrobe. This will save you from impulsive purchases. You will always look stylish and "tasteful".⠀
Shopping trips are great for lifting the mood. Increase it with necessary and useful purchases. You will definitely never regret them!

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