How many new countries do you think last year "gave" us?

It seems to me that only yesterday I sewed that very long evening dress with an open back... The first dress I sold. And today, thousands of women around the world wear my brand's clothes.

Did I dream about this at the very beginning? No. I was just doing what I really like. I wanted to sew basic high-quality clothes and the same time support the environment as much as I can. And judging by the growing number of conscious customers, I'm good at combining these areas.

I am always happy with orders placed from other countries. Not everyone is willing to pay extra for international shipping, and this is an average of $20. This means that you really liked the thing and our values are really close to you.

We deliver your items by USPS postal service. I like it for the obligation and convenience of tracking mail.

Mexico, China, and Hungary were added to the list of our international orders last year. And even now I'm writing about it and I can't believe that already in 21 countries of the world people know about the ethical brand Sandara!

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