Take it off immediately!

There are things that can refine the simplest outfit. And then even a white T-shirt and blue jeans with comfortable shoes and a high-quality bag will make up quite a fashionable look.

But there are clothes and accessories, wearing which you will look ridiculous and cheap. And today we are just going to talk about the "forbidden" elements for women's wardrobe:

📍White shoes fit perfectly only in the bride's outfit. That's it. It is better not to go further than the wedding palace. But this only applies to shoes. White sneakers or sneakers are a great option for everyday shoes;

📍Unnatural "acidic" colors are good only for theme parties. In all other cases they will be inappropriate;

📍Uncomfortable shoes. Heels are feminine. But only if you don't have to sacrifice comfort for them;

📍Underwear that tries to "look out" from under the clothes should be punished. Or rather, it is securely hidden. Because it's not spicy, but vulgar.

📍Rhinestones. The only rhinestones that can be "walked" are Swarovski crystals in jewelry. The rest of the "glitter" will make any clothes cheaper;

📍Overly decorated things will cause others to be perplexed. Simplicity and restraint have long successfully replaced too accentuated clothes.

And what is unacceptable for you in clothes?

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