Time must work for us


Today I want to talk about the efficient use of time. We help in planting trees, thereby replenishing forest resources. And time is an irreplaceable resource. It seems a lot. But this is not the case. Day after day passes, and there is no way we can prevent it.

A lot of tasks and an endless information flow affect us daily in such a way that it is difficult to learn to discard unnecessary and unimportant things. But there is a very effective method for planning cases, which was invented half a century ago by the 34th President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower.

In order for the "mountain" of tasks not to be terrifying, you need to learn how to divide them according to their importance and urgency.


So, there are only 4 categories of cases. And I will immediately arrange them in priority order, starting with the most important:

🌿 Important and urgent. These include health problems and work, the failure of which can have consequences and disrupt the goals;

🌿 Important and not urgent. Current work, preparation for a family trip, household chores and communication with relatives, sports, healthy lifestyle belong to such cases;

🌿 Not important and urgent. Urgent calls and meetings, sudden domestic troubles, requests from friends to solve the problem;

🌿 Not important and not urgent. "Time eaters" that you need to get rid of - communication with toxic people, TV shows and social networks, chatter on the phone.

In the end, everyone decides for himself where to take this or that activity. And if you learn how to quickly send your cases to the right category, you will be surprised how much you will have time. At the same time, you will have resources for quality rest and a full sleep.

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