Trousers or skirt?

 Every morning, many of us start not with a cup of coffee, but with a painful question: "What to wear?" We want to be gentle and feminine, but at the same time clothes should be comfortable and functional. Because we drive a car, work and engaged in raising children…

It seems that for active and busy girls, the option with trousers is the most appropriate. But the idea of convenience has changed a lot in recent decades. The current variety allows you to choose a skirt that is suitable in style and texture, which will not be inferior in comfort to trousers at all. And men still consider a woman in a skirt or dress more attractive than in trousers. Even if these same trousers favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure.

I can't say that I prefer one thing. I wear trousers more often, but skirts also have a place in my wardrobe. Because only in them I can feel like a fragile, vulnerable and weak woman who does not mind a strong shoulder next to… Therefore, I think that everyone should have a skirt. If not on a par with trousers, then at least for the sake of special moments!

And what do you choose more often in the morning? 👖 or 👗?

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