The secret of a good mood

16% of our body weight is accounted for by the skin – the largest organ of the human body. The skin is irreplaceable. It protects us from all external negative influences. Besides, shining and clean, it has always been a sign of health and beauty. So why not provide our skin with proper care? And it's not just about cosmetic care, hygiene and nutrition. We too rarely think about the harm that low-quality fabrics cause to the skin.

What fiber do I call substandard? Of course, these are synthetics and materials that have been treated with harmful chemicals.

What is so bad about unnatural fabric?

In synthetic clothing, the skin "does not breathe". For sensitive skin, this is extremely dangerous. Moisture does not evaporate, thereby creating a greenhouse effect. And this is a direct way to irritation and even allergies.

❌ If you probably won't buy clothes made of polyester, nylon and acrylic, then there may be difficulties with dyed wool, bamboo and viscose. These are exactly the cases when even natural fabric can be spoiled by processing and staining with substances harmful to the skin;

✅ Organic cotton, linen, silk and wool are absolutely safe. You can safely and with pleasure put on them!

I do not urge you to completely abandon synthetics. Avoid direct contact of your skin and clothing made of unnatural materials. You will immediately notice how not only your well-being will improve, but also your mood!

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