Strongest natural fiber?

Imagine, your favorite dress even after 10 years looks like new

The era of consumption has not a single decade instilled in us a love for things that can be easily and without regret replaced. But all this "fast fashion", provided with cheap clothes from low-quality synthetic materials, has already bored many people. And therefore, the time of uncontrolled consumption, though slowly, is going away.

Even mass markets started talking about conscious consumption. Many stores accept old items for recycling. And most importantly, things made of 100% natural materials in a basic cut began to appear on hangers.

When the conversation turns to the most comfortable and durable natural fabric, it can only be linen. Organic cotton is also convenient and eco-friendly, but flax has not yet been invented for wear resistance. It is not for nothing that thousands of years ago ancient people cultivated these plants for sewing clothes. Until now, in museums we can observe mummies wrapped in well-preserved linen bandages.

With proper care, flax will serve you for 10 and 20 years without losing its original beauty. It can only "sit down" a little after the first wash or "fluff up" slightly over time.

Therefore, if you want to get a good thing in your wardrobe that will serve you for a long time and qualitatively, choose linen clothes!

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