6 years ago, Nielsen published very interesting figures: 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco friendly products. A "gold mine" for unscrupulous productions.

Greenwashing is a dirty marketing technique that positions a product or brand more natural and eco-friendly than it actually is. In order to increase profits, of course.

One small prefix "eco" is enough to instantly create an image of untouched forests and clean lakes in the buyer's head, which he certainly saves with his purchase. And when a manufacturer claims that his product is "eco-friendly" or "natural", but in fact this is far from the case, it is a deception. And there is no excuse for him.

Your inner skeptic will help you not to fall for the bait:

🌿 carefully read the composition;

🌿 at the slightest suspicion, be interested in the conformity of the certification and the declared information on the package.

You can be 100% sure of us! For tailoring, we use only natural fabrics from honest suppliers who have long confirmed their status by international standards.

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