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Let's continue the talk about sustainable fashion…⠀

We often mention the ethics of production. From the first minute the ethical component was at the heart of the brand idea. It was important for me to act as honestly, openly and environmentally friendly as possible. With my costumers and with myself.⠀

What makes Sandara an ethical clothing brand?
  • You will not find wool, silk, leather, fur and cashmere in the composition of the products. When it is possible to do without these materials, it is better to protect the animal world.⠀
  • The issue of working with third world countries is closed to us and will never be opened. Because we sew all things strictly locally.
  • We cooperate with small local businesses: a family atelier, small printing companies for creating labels, patterns, markers. Without changing the principles of supporting a good salary.
  • We keep the margin below the market average. Our clothing prices are only 2 times higher than the cost price. While the average market margin is at least 4. And luxury brands have the courage to make a "cheat" up to 20 times.⠀
When the business of life does not contradict your principles, then development and growth are inevitable. Act according to the dictates of your heart, only in this way success will not take long to wait! 

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