Healthy eating can be eco-friendly


It is easy to reduce the level of global gas emissions associated with food production by 25%. At least partially replace beef with protein plant food is enough.⠀

How else can your healthy habits help the environment?
  • Store the products correctly. Apples, bananas, and tomatoes will stay fresh longer if they are kept separately from each other. And it is better to wash the berries before use to avoid the appearance of mold.⠀
  • Buy seasonal products from local producers. Seasonal fruits and vegetables not only reduce the burden on the environment, but they are also cleaner and healthier. The volumes of transportation, cooling, irradiation are significantly reduced when you choose local farmers.⠀
  • The imperfect shape of fruits and vegetables does not affect their taste in any way. Remember this, so that no unsightly fruit at first glance does not end up in a landfill. Because most buyers like the "perfect shape".⠀
What else can you recommend? ⠀

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