SANDARA values

I am a mother.

And I need the comfort

Therefore, I can't live without comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. Because multitasking is my loyal friend 24 hours a day. My clothes should match the active life I choose. And I create these clothes.⠀

I value my time

That's why I create clothes that combined with each other perfectly. No long thoughts when choosing a look - dressed and went for a walk with the children!

I want to be feminine⠀

Therefore, it is extremely rare to find sportswear or bright things in my wardrobe. Also, my collection was created with great respect for women and their true nature. I am convinced that every woman is created to adorn this world.⠀

I am for a careful attitude

That's why I choose breathable linen. Long-lasting, hypoallergenic, most pleasant to the body material, which finally and irrevocably won my heart.

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