Real Fashion Price

If you are concerned about the issue of environmental pollution like we and would like to understand how fast fashion is involved in this, we recommend watching the films “The True Cost” and “Dirty secrets of the fashion world” Stacey Dooley.

We assure that you will be amazed. Films show the existing chain of functioning of clothing industry. Who, how and where makes the things we wear and what a consumer society is. The situation is very sad.

Do you know that the clothing industry is the second source of pollution in the world? Not transport, not oil, but clothes! Clothing is one of the main threats to the ecology of the planet! This doesn’t mean that clothes should be discarded. But you can reviewing your wardrobe and abandoning quick, rash purchases.

Another scary fact:

  •  the Aral Sea is a symbol of the damaging effects of cotton on the environment. With the start of cotton production in almost 40 years, the sea has dried up!
  • 15 532 liters (4103 gallons) of water is required to produce 1 pair of jeans!
  • Various chemicals are used to dye fabrics, pesticides are used to grow cotton. As a result, discarded clothing are in landfills.
  • Every year, for 7.5 billion people produce 150 billion items of clothing. People use only half of them each year. Another half go to a landfills.
  • Oftern a thing that has only been produced and not sold is sent to the damps because it is out of fashion.

Take care of you and the world we live together!

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