My Sewing Love Story

Remember what you loved to do as a child and what were you interested in?" - this is how advise those who are looking for life's work in adulthood.⠀
Now I understand that my interest in sewing arose precisely in childhood.

From an early age, I watched my grandmother sew. These were magnificent national and masquerade costumes that she sewed for all of her many grandchildren. I was always interested in the process itself, and I dreamed of learning to sew the same way as she did.

To say that I went to this for a long time is to say nothing. Only 10 years ago I took my first courses in cutting and sewing. I mastered the basics and even sewed several things myself, but a son was born and all my time from now on was devoted to him.⠀

Time passed, thoughts about sewing did not leave me. I wanted to create and make beautiful things. A great many ideas were born in my head before I went to study again. This happened 5 years after the first experience. Thanks to these courses, I not only learned to sew well, I became more confident in myself and my strengths.⠀

Finally I started to create and sew! First for myself and my kids, soon - for sisters and girlfriends. Over time, the most daring ideas were easily realized by me, and I started put up products for sale and sewed to order.⠀

When images in the head or on a piece of paper take on a physical form, and a complete thing is obtained from scattered parts, it is amazing. It's like I'm putting together a puzzle, methodically calculating all the steps in advance to make a masterpiece. And for me there is nothing more fascinating than creating clothes for you!

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