Choosing Linen Tips

Never start from the cost, and even more so, from tempting low prices. There is a high probability of buying unnatural material.

Study the composition. To improve and expand the properties of natural linen, which is not elastic and soft, other fibers (wool, silk, elastane) are added to the material. This does not indicate poor quality or falsification. If the basis is synthetic, you are looking at a fake.

Pay attention to the weave, which should be dense and uniform throughout the entire fabric.

100% linen fabric has a slightly shiny surface. Consider the surface of the canvas.

Smell the fabric. The smell of chemical paint or flavorings indicates poor quality of the material.⠀

Attach the piece of cloth to your hand. This material is harder to touch and causes a slight chill when it comes into contact with the body.

Setting fire to a thread or piece of fabric allows you to check the quality of the material. Synthetics melt when burning. Natural linen fabric does not burn but smolders without smoke with the formation of a barely perceptible smell of burnt paper.

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