Quality or quantity. What do you choose?

Dozens of stores of the same type, thousands of inexpensive things for one season - this is how a shopping center looks today. The showcases are full of bright clothes and accessories - it's hard to pass by. A huge role is also played by the constant imposition of fashion trends calling for a regular wardrobe change.

Someone will say that it is so convenient: I bought it, put it on several times, threw it away. You can go back for new clothes. And it doesn't matter that the new thing will be sewn from a material of not the best quality. Clothes made of such fabric are less pleasant to wear than things made of natural raw materials. And you know as well as I do what harm each polyester blouse does.

But there is also a more eco-friendly option – to choose high-quality clothes of a basic cut. The basic thing is always relevant. Because you will wear it for a long time with great pleasure. And if, besides, you don't like to cut endless circles in stuffy shopping malls, then this option is definitely yours!

There are situations when quantity "wins" over quality. But today's story is not about that. What do you think?

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