The selection of movies about conscious consumption

It is better to see once than to hear hundred times

We are all different. But regardless of the differences, the brain of each of us perceives visual information more efficiently and vividly. Therefore, watching a quality film about the consequences of human activity for the environment will be much more useful than "dry" statistics.

The selection of movies below will tell you about all the facts, inspiring you even more to conscious consumption.

All films can be divided into 3 categories, in each of which you will definitely find something for yourself:

🌿 The beauty of nature. After watching these films, you will look at our planet as something beautiful, fragile and unique. You will want to take care of it more:

"Home" (2009);
"Life after people" (2009) ;
Netflix series "Our Planet" (2019) ;
"La Belle Verte" (1996) ;
"Das grüne Wunder - Unser Wald" (2012) ;
"One Amazing Day" (2017).

🌿 Environmental problems. Here you will get acquainted with the real facts collected in a good documentary picture:

"Trashed" (2012) ;
"Garbage dreams" (2009) ;
"An Inconvenient Truth" (2006) ;
"More than honey" (2012) ;
"Inconvenient Sequel" (2017) ;
"Tapped" (2009) ;
"Before the Flood" (2016) ;
"Chasing ice" (2012) ;
"Demain" (2015) ;
"The human footprint" (2007).

🌿 Conscious consumption. Any thing goes a long way before it gets into our hands. About this in the films below:

"The true cost" (2015) ;
"Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things" (2015) ;
"Thrive with less»" (2012) ;
"100 Dinge" (2018).

As you can see, the problem of ecology has been around for a long time. But it was in the last decade that it reached the "boiling point". It's time for maximum publicity and decisive action. Let's not stay away!

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