Our linen supplier

"Find and never let go" - with these thoughts, I started searching for a supplier of fabrics for my collections.⠀

When I started sewing, I knew it would only be linen. I will not get tired of singing odes of love to this durable and eco-friendly material.⠀
My search started as usual - from the Internet. I found a few stores, but I didn't like the colors and there wasn't much fabric available. And for me it is very important that I can always go back to the store and buy more fabric if necessary. Obviously, this option did not suit me.⠀

Then I went to downtown Los Angeles, where there are many stores with fabrics. I went through all of them, but there was practically no linen anywhere. I almost despaired, but then I met a shop with a good assortment of natural fabrics. Of course, I was interested. We talked to the seller and it turned out that this is not a seller, but a supplier. Supplier of linen. I was just lucky that the seller left and asked to replace him some time.⠀

That's how Morris and I met. I told him about my plans and immediately received an invitation to the warehouse. My enthusiasm and burning eyes then did their job: Morris immediately realized that I was his future regular customer. Although he was a wholesaler, he had no problem selling me a few meters of fabric at a retail price.⠀

Morris has been working for 30 years with European countries that create excellent quality linen fabric. He continues his father's work.⠀

Now Morris is the sole supplier of linen for Sandara. Meeting him is a great success. Because I don't just buy fabric, I learn a lot about its varieties and properties. My linen supplier is generous with advice and even helps me find the right contacts whenever possible. I am very grateful to him for everything!⠀

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