My first sewn garment

The first thing I sewed, like the first love, will never be forgotten.

I made my first full-fledged wardrobe items at my last sewing classes 5 years ago. Then I created several things at once: a skirt, trousers, a shirt and a dress.

Inspired by the completed course, I immediately sewed a mini version of my dress for daughter. We got a great family look for a photo shoot, photos from which are still carefully stored in the family album.

Then there were basic dresses with a straight cut. I don't wear dresses as often as I would like. But that doesn't stop me from loving them with all my heart and creating the best ones for you. Therefore, dresses take pride of place in my collections: diverse and unusual.

It was close to the New year, and I really wanted to sew something very beautiful and festive. Without thinking twice, I took on a difficult task for a beginner: a long dress with an open back, embroidered with sequins. The result exceeded my wildest expectations. The dress was amazing! And was bought it right away. This is the first time I've received the money I deserve for my work.

But most importantly, I was happy just to think that the thing I created brought joy and made someone's new year's eve even more magical.


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