Slow fashion as the opposite of "fast" fashion

Slow fashion originated as the opposite of "fast" fashion.⠀

Basic principles — conscious consumption and care for the environment.⠀

Some examples of slow fashion practice:⠀

  • Make informed choices. Before you go shopping, ask yourself, how much do I really need this thing? Will it last a long time and not end up in a landfill in a year? Will I wear it often and will it match with other items in my wardrobe?⠀

  • Don't follow trends, but to seek and to create your own unique style.⠀

  • Think about how and in what conditions the clothes were made. Support local manufacturers or small brands with history.⠀

  • Learn how to create or alter clothing, sew, knit, or find a good handyman.⠀

  • Pay attention to vintage, second-hand stores, exchange clothes with friends. Take care of things, repair minor damage, extend their life so that they do not replenish landfills.⠀

  • Change old things into new ones, take clothes to second-hand stores, or for recycling. ⠀

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