Moon Calendar 2021. Get a Gift.

Its influence on humans and natural phenomena is undeniable. Even ancient people followed the movements of the mysterious celestial body, comparing them with the tides and even their well-being. The Moon...⠀
It was then, in ancient times, that the lunar calendar appeared – the "Pope" of modern calculus. ⠀

Now the Lunar calendar is practically not used to "keep track" of time. But if you know the character of the night star and look closely at the lunar mood, then you can easily make every day successful and harmonious. Because the Moon is an energetically powerful source. ⠀
Our body, emotions, mood and productivity are associated with the lunar day. The female body most often lives according to the lunar calendar.⠀

The growing Moon - from the new moon (the first quarter) to the full moon - is more favorable for initiatives, at this time we feel a surge of strength and energy. ⠀
The waning Moon-from the full moon (the last quarter) to the new moon - on the contrary, slows down the processes. ⠀

It is best time to finish what you started. "Where it is thin, there it breaks" is an accurate description of the moon's transition from one phase to another. Every lunar day is unique. In some of them it is good to make plans, in others-to get a haircut, in others-just to stock up on strength…⠀

To manage your life and enjoy every day, feeling the most powerful external recharge is priceless.⠀

And especially for you, we have created a Moon calendar for 2021. To make your every day easier, healthier and happier. So that luck and prosperity accompany you every minute!⠀

The lunar calendar is waiting for you here.

Take it for yourself and use it with pleasure!

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