Our Patterns

In confidence about important things.

You will say that a smooth seam and the quality of the fabric are the main components of the ideal thing. And you will be right. Almost. Because an unsuccessful pattern will ruin any thing, regardless of the first two points.

From the correct pattern depends on the future of a single thing. How it will fit on you, whether you want just get it in your wardrobe, but also wear it again and again...

Working with patterns is a complex, expensive part of the product creation process. Consuming, first of all, in time. Because there are no universal patterns. I strive for an ideal that will suit for most.

5 steps allow me to achieve perfection:

  • I draw a sketch, which clearly shows what should happen in the end.
  • Next, I pass the sketch and wishes to the constructor. Sometimes we work together to select a basic template from trusted sources.
  • The constructor changes the base or creates a completely new pattern.
  • First, the sample is sewn from a simple special material.
  • If the sample does not sit well, then we work out the previous two points with the constructor until we come to the standard.

Only after that, the pattern is used for sewing the finished product from the main fabric.

Let me tell you a secret: now we are working on creating patterns for a very cozy set and new summer dresses. I look forward to add them to the Sandara collection.
And I am sure that very soon you will see our new products and definitely want to try them on!

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