From inner fears to boundless self-belief

You have already know a lot about me: about the beginning of my professional career, about some of my views, about the values and ideals of the Sandara brand. It is time to share my innermost secrets-to tell about the difficulties I faced at the beginning of my business.

Moving to the United States was joyful, but a very exciting thing for our family. With all following nuances.

My English level was not good, I didn't know anyone here, the city was unknown and alien. When I started creating the brand, I didn't even have an idea of the specifics that I would have to face.

Fear and doubt were my constant companions. I was afraid that I would not be able to find a good fabric and "necessary " contacts. It was terrible to remain misunderstood or lose the invested and accumulated funds.

“I'm afraid, but I do. Slowly but surely.”

I guess that's my motto. I take my time, weigh each step and ... enjoy the process. I really like what I do. Just the thought of the benefits I try to bring to the world warms the soul more than the hottest California sun. Your happy feedback is inspiring and makes it easy to solve tasks. You really motivate me!

I can say that when you "live" your business and create from the heart, all the obstacles seem insignificant compared to what you get in the end.

Error is an invaluable experience. Mistakes are necessary in order to grow and become better. And if you have a dream, then go to it without stopping. Even in small steps!

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