How easy to cope anxiety


The more information noise there is around, the more acutely we react to it. Even worse, we "try on" every situation for ourselves. This greatly increases anxiety. But I have good news for you: it is quite possible to get rid of it yourself. Below I will give you some working techniques:
  • Detail. It is the uncertainty in actions and feelings that gives rise to anxiety. Try to understand the reason for your concern and describe a detailed plan of how to solve the situation that concerns you. Even this small step will give self-confidence and "reduce the degree of anxiety";⠀
  • Observe the sleep mode. It is in a dream that the body recovers. This also applies to the nervous system. A good dream can only be called one that happens to you before midnight and lasts at least 8 hours;⠀
  • Switch. A simple alternation of mental loads and physical work accelerates the process of restoring the nervous system;⠀
  • Abstract yourself. Hobbies, watching a movie or any everyday household chores "disconnect" you from the news stream and allow to spend time alone with yourself.
Do you have your own techniques for dealing with excitement?

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