Are we an eco-friendly brand?

brand sustainability

Brand sustainability is defined by three basic principles: sustainability, ethics and economic benefit. Today, let's touch on the first, the foundational idea of the Sandara brand - caring for the environment.

What are we doing to carry the proud title of "green brand"?⠀

  • We only sew with natural, biodegradable fabrics which have all the necessary certificates
  • We use leftover fabrics for some of our clothes. This significantly reduces the amount of waste
  • We use paper packaging
  • We make the right amount of things, without any surplus
  • We create things locally. So that no transportation, waste pollutes the atmosphere
  • We're for quality and minimalism in the name of practicality and durability of your entire closet
One brand of clothing. Six easy steps. Thousands of future lives saved...⠀

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