How to remove stain

Strong, but so "vulnerable" linen⠀

Caution! The most durable material that exists today is afraid of chemistry! The one that is designed to clean out dirt. Whether it is bleach or stain remover, you need to handle them very carefully. Otherwise, linen will say goodbye to you or, at least, lose his appearance.⠀

Remember that before removing the stain, it is necessary to test the product on an inconspicuous area of the fabric. Even if you are 100% sure that the product is suitable. And try to remove the stains while they are "fresh". It's more efficient and easier this way.⠀

Products containing chlorine, when washing, mercilessly destroy flax fibers. Therefore, solutions of citric or oxalic acid can be used to remove the most difficult stains. But you can't leave the fabric in them for a long time. And after removing the stain, the acidity must be neutralized by rinsing in water with ammonia or baking soda.⠀

Do you have your own secrets? How do you deal with hateful stains on clothes?" 

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