Did I want to give up?

- Was it difficult?

- Yes.

- Did I want to give up?

- No!

You know, there was a turning point in my story. Then I realized that it would be very difficult to develop my business alone.

At first, I sewed everything myself. At a pace convenient for me. But spring 2020 has arrived. The pandemic has engulfed the world, and Sandara has dramatically increased the number of orders. On the one hand, I was happy! On the other hand, I had to sit at the sewing machine from early morning until late at night. Very soon I began to get very tired. Despite the huge support of my husband and children, I completely lost the balance between work, family, and rest.

But there are also advantages: during this period, in non-stop mode, I was able to accumulate funds for cooperation with production. And by the fall, I had already partially delegated tailoring to the family atelier. Taking a deep breath, I went into creativity, not forgetting to structure my business and my life…

What did this experience give me?

A lot of things. For example, it taught me teamwork and the ability to use my resources efficiently. This experience helped me grow up. Not only professionally, but also personally. I have learned to have a good rest and always find time for my loved ones.

Who knows what would have happened to my brand now if it hadn't been for that "shake-up". Therefore, I am immensely grateful for that period in my life!

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