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Could I have imagined at the beginning of my journey that the Sandara brand would have such wonderful fans? I could, but I was afraid. I have not met such delicate, grateful, and understanding people for a long time, with whom it is easy and pleasant to communicate.⠀

My conscious and most beautiful customers are perfect on several points:

🌿 They appreciate every second. Therefore, they never waste someone else's time. They always know what they want;⠀

🌿 If you ask them about their hobbies, then everyone will be able to talk inspiringly about their favorite activity, which not only brings pleasure but also makes this world a better place;

🌿 The love of comfort and quality permeates every area of their life. It will be an interior painting or a new dress, everything should be on the level. They are guided by the rule: "One but the high-quality thing is better than few";⠀

🌿By reasonable consumption and concern for the environment, they express their respect for themselves. They care about the future of the planet on which they now live. They are not indifferent to the fate of new generations.⠀

I try to approach each order as responsibly and honestly as possible. And if follow the boomerang principle, then I'm doing pretty well. Because each of your appeals to us brings joy and makes me improve.

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