Mindfulness Practices


You have learned to walk a long time ago, so you no longer need to think about the correctness of the step every time. While driving, you don't analyze every pedal press in your head. Everything happens by itself. Because your smart body loves automatism from birth. So he strives to preserve his vital resources. 

Yes, you save time by combining several actions, some of which are done "on autopilot". But a lot is lost in the turmoil of affairs:

🌿The possibility of "living" the moment;⠀
🌿Freshness of perception;⠀
🌿The possibility of choice and development.⠀

Stress, overload, and anxiety are the natural result of a multitasking life in which there is no place for "true desires". Therefore, the practice of mindfulness is now more important than ever. It can bring you harmony and get rid of worries.

How move from words to action?

There are two types of practice: formal and informal.

🌿Formal - the practice of mindfulness, in which meditation is practiced. You can meditate with an object - focus on breathing. Or you can do it without it. It is important to completely withdraw from all affairs, both physically and mentally;⠀

🌿Informal mindfulness practice - life. The one in which every moment is lived with feeling and analysis of sensations. When you pause and just stay "here and now". When you enjoy every delicious bite, protect yourself from harmful food. When even you approach shopping "wisely", without wasting your resources on low-quality and useless. ⠀

Then you find magic in everyday things…⠀

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