5 ways to preserve your beauty with health benefits


Modern cosmetic procedures have already gone so far that your face can be fresh and rosy before the appearance of great-grandchildren. You will be pleasantly surprised by the condition of your skin if you introduce a few simple habits into your life. Because the face is a mirror that reflects the whole body.⠀

🌿Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and less pastry. Your intestines should work like clockwork;⠀

🌿Sleep at least 8 hours a day and go to bed not on the same day when you need to wake up;⠀

🌿Vitamins. Almost every product in your refrigerator is rich in them. But there are "miracle foods" that will most effectively preserve your youth if you consume them at least 4 times a week: beans, blueberries, broccoli, oatmeal, oranges, salmon, spinach, tomatoes, turkey, yogurt and nuts;⠀

🌿Everyone is talking about it, but I repeat: 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day should be drunk regularly;⠀

🌿Less bad emotions, less wrinkles. Because during a smile, your face does not have to strain as much as when you are in a gloomy or angry mood!⠀

Age is just a number. Moreover, a woman is like wine — the older, the nobler. But it's so nice to once again surprise others with the discrepancy between appearance and date of birth.⠀

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