5 signs of self-love


Rare joys in the form of new purchases or something delicious certainly raise the mood. But true self-love is expressed in caring and respecting our physical and mental health:⠀

🌿 You know how to relax. Efficiently and regularly. This means that you "turn off your head", completely forgetting about work. And you use the phone exclusively to save happy moments in the photo;⠀

🌿 You don't criticize yourself for failures. Every mistake is a lesson. You learn it and move on, focusing only on success;⠀

🌿 You know how to enjoy life. Whether it's a cup of coffee in bed or hanging out with your favorite book, you know how to enjoy every moment;⠀

🌿 You take care of your health. Good sleep, "clean" food, and comfortable clothes instead of trips to the doctors. You always feel your body and support it in the name of feeling great;⠀

🌿 You are independent of other people's opinions. Therefore, there is no place for insults in your heart, you influence your mood.⠀

Self-love is the result of daily work on ourselves, the reward for which is very high. Don't devalue yourself. You are the best person in your life!

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