Is it easy to plant a tree?

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Oxygen saturation of the air is not the only reason why the forest is so valuable. The forest is responsible for biodiversity and the water cycle. It is a food source and slows down the process of climate change. It is obvious that the disappearance of trees will lead to the extinction of species and the malfunction of all ecosystems on the planet.

Despite the fact that over the past decade the rate of reduction of woodlands has slowed down, the forest is still disappearing. Therefore, at the beginning of creating Sandara I looked for organizations for cooperation. I really wanted to send the proceeds for planting trees.

Thanks to you, we are now planting trees in Siberia, Russia and in collaboration with One Tree Planted. And when I found out that One Tree Planted was looking for volunteers for landing, I immediately got the idea to participate.

Therefore, a week ago we personally planted a tree in Gladstone Park together with them. It was fun, informative and not at all difficult. Now my daughter and I will be able to plant a tree ourselves.⠀

From the very first day, Sandara sends part of the proceeds to plant new trees. Together with you, we have already planted more than 3,000 of them.

Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to make our world greener!⠀

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