The geography of the Sandara's friends is expanding

What does it matter how many miles between us, if you really liked the thing?⠀

England, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Singapore, Norway, Israel, Malta, Portugal.⠀

The geography of the Sandara's friends is expanding very rapidly and quickly, and not only in the United States.⠀

Every new customer is met with joy and excitement. And if the order needs to be prepared for shipment to another country - it is doubly exciting. For me, this is a kind of recognition. If buyers are willing to wait for international transportation and pay for it, it means that they really liked the item and all for good reason.⠀

To send orders, I use the local USPS mail service. Not the fastest, but definitely the most reliable delivery. My customers always get their stuff on time. Convenient tracking of the parcel and an adequate price come in handy.⠀

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