How to choose 100% flax fabric⠀

If many thousands of years ago, no one could doubt the authenticity of flax, now everything is not so simple. The nobility of this fabric evokes a huge range of feelings and emotions. But sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers pass off artificial flax as natural. Here are a few rules, how to identify a natural linen fabric:⠀

  • The first is tactile sensations. The linen fabric is cool to the touch and has a tough texture;⠀
  • Cold gray, light brown shades tell us not only about the naturalness of the fabric, but also that there are no dyes and impurities;⠀
  • Let's remember about the noble "disadvantage" of flax - crease. Natural linen is very well wrinkled in the hand and the folds are immediately visible. Linen also keeps its shape well;⠀
  • I will also mention one cardinal method, we need to take a linen thread and ... set it on fire. If there is only ash in the remainder, the fabric is natural. And if a "synthetic lump" is formed after burning, then we have synthetics or flax with synthetic mix.⠀
Now you knew. Save this post and be sure to use it before choosing and buying linen clothes. ⠀

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