The cost of Sandara's clothing⠀

The whole truth about the cost of Sandara's clothing

Sandara is more than quality, long-lasting clothing, it is your investment in transparency, healthy working relationships, and eco-friendly production.⠀

And today I will open the veil of financial affairs for you. Let's analyze the cost of tailoring on the example of an Iris dress:⠀

Until recently, I sewed myself, but now I work with a family studio, they take over most of the products. It is important for me to pay my assistants well. Therefore, 1 hour of work costs $20. Sewing takes an average of 2 hours.⠀
$20*2 = $40 for the labor.⠀

Fabric costs (muslin):⠀
$7*2 yards = $14.⠀

About $10 is accounted for by other overhead costs.⠀

The cost of the Iris dress is $54,⠀
The final price of the Iris dress is $85.⠀

I consciously decided not to make even a double mark-up. My experience and your trust are not yet high enough for industry standard prices. For it, the margin is from 4 to 10 times. And luxury brands do not hesitate to make a mark-up of up to 20 times.⠀

In order to maintain our business at the proper level, in the future I plan to raise the mark-up to a maximum of 3 times.⠀

I really want to make the Sandara brand and "slow fashion" accessible to most people. So that as many people as possible realize the true value of lean use for our common future and the future of our planet. 

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