5 ways to give new life to old things⠀

If you carefully sort through all the distant shelves and drawers, you will find a considerable number of things that have not been "published" for a long time. Many of them are loved. They connect us with the most cherished memories, but they take up a lot of useful space. Therefore, it is important and necessary to part with things. And to make this process as comfortable as possible, take note of several ways:⠀

Textile needlework. If the clothes are no longer good enough to wear, then cut them into shreds. They will make excellent blankets and pillowcases. ⠀
And the knitted fabric is perfect for crocheting. Yes, yes. Soft mats, original handbags and convenient storage baskets: all this can be easily and quickly tied from an old T-shirt.

Clothing covers. If you make a shirt or T-shirt "bottom", just sew them up from the bottom, you will get a wonderful cover for transporting and storing clothes.

Remaking old clothes. There's nothing easier than turning old jeans into new shorts. Just a pair of scissors is enough. And if you are a creative person, then you will be able to solve more interesting and more complex tasks.⠀

Submit for recycling. Many stores are now willing to accept old clothes in exchange for a discount or even money. H&M, Eileen Fisher, Madewell, Levi's, The North Face will be happy to help you free the shelves from old unnecessary things.

Give to the needy. Goodwill, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Free the Girls accept things in good and clean condition for transfer to those who really need them. Think about whether today is the day to do a good deed...⠀

What do you do with old things?

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