Our plans

5 years. A lot or not?

I like to dream. Visualize down to the smallest detail, while noting my feelings. No magic, I just adjust the vector of movement in the desired direction. But I don't like to plan for more than 1 year. This is my maximum.⠀

Aspirations? Yes. Development? Definitely. After 5 years, I see the Sandara brand as stable and strong.⠀
But I don't want to grow up to a large chain of stores. It goes against my values in life.⠀

I only dream of a big friendly team of like-minded people. I am sure that next to me there will always be connoisseurs of ethical production and natural fabrics. Together, we will definitely contribute to reducing the use of plastic in the fashion industry. ⠀
I want us to have our own waste-free production with professional seamstresses, cutters and designers. ⠀

Experience and knowledge are valuable "baggage". And I like to share and give. Therefore, training is one of the points of my future happy life. I will be happy to help aspiring designers and entrepreneurs develop, or even create, their own sustainable clothing brand. ⠀

5 years filled with meaning. A lot or not? 

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