Interesting facts about linen

Did you know …⠀

No one can say exactly where the first flax stalk grew. It is not known for certain, but indirect data point to the mountainous regions of China or India.

Only 4 countries provide global production of this fabric.

Flax fibers are not only used for fabric production. Flax is not rotting building insulation and even tow for plumbing work.

The flax crop is harvested in a specific way. Ripe stems are not mowed, but are traditionally pulled up by the root and bound in sheaves for fermentation.

Spinning flax seeds are edible and very useful. Flour, smoothies, halva – all this can be made from flax.

It has more than 300 species.⠀

Rare, but at the same time concerning many spheres of life. Mysterious, but everyone's favorite.⠀

Unexpected linen.⠀

What was the most surprising fact?

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