How to make an effective lifting face mask at home

Refresh, tight and smooth⠀

My favorite linen has such versatile properties!⠀
Nutrition, medicine, textile industry and cosmetology. ⠀
Below I will tell about the best face mask that you will definitely want to repeat more than once!

Easy to prepare, magical to use - a mask made of flax seeds. It moisturizes, relieves irritation and protects from UV radiation.⠀

Save the recipe, because it is not only effective, but also very affordable.⠀

Remember 5 steps:⠀

  • Be sure to clean the skin before the procedure.⠀
  • Fill the flax seeds with water (1-1.5 tsp of seeds/ 50-70 ml of boiling water).⠀
  • Close the lid and shake. Small jar with a lid is better for it.⠀
  • We insist 3-4 hours.⠀
  • Apply the resulting "slime" without seeds with the back of a spoon along the massage lines.⠀


The mask is applied in 5 layers. It is easy and quick. But each layer should dry out. Therefore, between applications, it is quite possible to prepare a light dinner or set the table. The main thing is to forget about the active facial expressions. A calm, peaceful face is an ideal "platform" for applying a linen mask.⠀

Very rarely there are cosmetics, the effect of which is immediately noticeable. The linen mask is the lucky exception.

Just 10-14 days of daily treatments, and the skin will thank you with smoothness and healthy blush!

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