A lot of clothes, but nothing to wear⠀

There are a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear.

This arrangement is familiar to almost every girl.
Every morning begins with a choice and endless attempts to find combined look.⠀

When I created the Sandara brand, I immediately clearly defined the main idea of the brand – a basic, harmonious wardrobe made of natural fabrics. Therefore, for a long time, I and my customers always have "what to wear".⠀

And if you still have the problem of lack of things, then the solution to at least one of the reasons below will give you a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning:⠀

🌿You did not think through the look before you went to buy the clothing.⠀
Analysis-before purchase, not vice versa. Buying and then choosing the right one at home is not a good idea.⠀

🌿You are conservative-you buy the same thing.⠀
If the thing perfectly "sits" on you, then you can safely stock up on a similar one. But don't get carried away. Look at something new.⠀

🌿You haven't made up a basic wardrobe.⠀
The presence of the base will significantly reduce the selection time. The main thing is to start from yourself - collect sets for work and leisure. Give preference to more everyday things.⠀

You buy bright things without thinking about where to "walk" this thing. ⠀
If you work a lot and choose an active holiday, then you are more need comfortable trousers in calm color than a bright green maxi skirt.⠀

You always follow the fashion. ⠀
That's why the wardrobe consists mainly of trendy things. And they quickly lose relevance. It is better to start with the base. And fashion gizmos will be a great addition to them.⠀

Do you remember all the things in your wardrobe?⠀
Conduct an audit. I'm sure there are a lot of necessary and comfortable clothes on the back shelves of your closet.⠀

You forget about yourself. ⠀
Try not to do this - often study how the thing looks on you. Don't chase standards. Wear clothes that will adorn and emphasize your dignity.⠀

Did you recognize yourself? What point did you want to implement in the first place? 

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