First impressions

First impressions can be deceptive.

For 9 millennia, this luxurious fabric has been decorating and simplifying human life. But few of us think at the "meeting" about its original appearance. Because we usually deal with colored fabric. For the first time, the Indians tried on natural undyed linen. And it was a gray color. This did not detract from its merits at the time. Quite the opposite. So it was worn for a long time.⠀

The current variety of colors and ways of coloring is infinitely great. But Sandara uses neutral colors for tailoring.⠀

I really like clothes in more natural shades. It's no wonder that I create basic things, choosing delicate colors that will never "get out" of your wardrobe.⠀

I am for environmental friendliness. And painting the fabric in a bright color causes more harm to the surrounding nature than giving the material a more "calm" shade. 

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