Famous women and Minimalism

inspiration minimalism

Can these women change their luxurious designer outfits every day? Yes. Do they do it? No! Because they prefer stylish, but comfortable clothes without too much chic and shine.⠀

🌿 Cate Blanchett is always elegant. With each of her images, she once again convinces that a simple silhouette and self-love are the most important things for a woman;⠀

🌿 Jennifer Aniston loves to combine delicate jewelry with "relaxed" dresses in basic tones.

🌿 Anne Hathaway always stands out from the crowd without resorting to glitter. Not everyone can do this!⠀

🌿 Winona Ryder has not changed black color, comfort and simplicity for many years.

🌿 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have successfully retrained as designers for a long time. Their brand "The Row" is one of the first minimalistic brands on the American continent.⠀

Great role models. Isn't?⠀

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