Bucket hat made of beige linen for sunny days at the beach, nature or at the park

When you going to nature, to the park, or the beach, take care of head-covering accessories. Protection from the sun during a long-awaited vacation is simply necessary. ⠀

Despite the variety of hats, the most convenient for decades remains the invention of the Ecuadorians – panama. And it is not named after the state (although this option suggests itself). Thanks to the Panama Canal construction it got its name, where it was physically impossible to be bareheaded in the heat.⠀

We can talk endlessly about the versatility of the The Karen Linen Bucket Hat. It is equally good with a feminine sundress, and with a sport-style look. And if it is sewn from a light, breathable material and easily fits in any size bag, then it is an ideal option for the summer!


The Karen Linen Bucket Hat


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