Basic things save your time

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84% of buyers still make impulsive purchases.

This very thoughtless action most often leads to two unpleasant consequences:⠀

🌿 The thing is gathering dust on the shelf, as it has not found a use;⠀
🌿 You have to buy new clothes to fit this thing into the wardrobe.⠀

In the first case, you are wasting your time and effort. In the second – it is still to be done. Not the brightest prospect.

Why does buying basic things save your time? Because:⠀

🌿 Any base will fit into your wardrobe. What we talked about above will not affect you. If you choose basic things, then you are no longer making impulsive purchases. You plan shopping trips in advance;⠀

🌿 Basic clothing does not go out of fashion. It is comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, it never lies on the shelves. A high-quality "base" has been worn for decades without losing its external attractiveness.⠀

"If you are sure that you will wear a thing more than 30 times, then feel free to buy it". Remember this phrase every time you go shopping. It will miraculously save your future time for more important things.⠀

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