Who is making our clothes?

It's hard to believe, but only 2% of the clothes in American stores are made here, in the USA.

And more recently, in the 1960s, the share of own production of clothing was 95%. Think about these numbers.⠀

Now most people wear things sewn by someone and unknown under what conditions. Manufacturers benefit from sewing "in third world countries" because it is cheap and quick. Wearing a T-shirt with the tag "made in Bangladesh" most of us do not think about how it was created. There is no time to fantasize about unsatisfactory working conditions, cheap salaries and negative consequences for the environment. But all these points have a place to be.

The fault is fast fashion. Invented it – "drove" it on the catwalk – sewed it cheaper in a developing country – put it on sale. And so it is every season. A pernicious cycle for nature.

Conscious consumption and usage second-hand goods will help our planet better cope with the consequences of human actions. As well as sustainable fashion. I will tell about it in the next post. 

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