What could be simpler than local production?

At first glance, nothing. Production is close at hand, less transportation costs. But. Sewing "at home" is a luxury that only a few stores allow themselves. And we, of course. ⠀

Let's understand all the organizational subtleties of the sewing business together.⠀

Making clothes in another country is a common practice for most brands. But transportation by sea and air poisons the atmosphere with strong carbon dioxide emissions. That is why at the stage of creating the Sandara brand, I decided that I should sew locally, in the USA. Because Sandara is always for ecology and energy saving.⠀

In addition to eco-friendly transportation, I will note a few more big advantages of local production:⠀

  • Choice. Whether it is the choice of professionals in their field, or a clean, bright studio. It is important for me that my people sew with pleasure and confidence in the future. Therefore, a decent salary is a mandatory item.⠀
  • Control. You always know what's going on in production. See this. Follow the process and check the quality of products on the spot-a huge saving of time, effort and nerve cells.⠀
  • Minimum of excess and waste. When production is nearby, it is easier to manage. Therefore, there is no need to sew with a large margin. Only what will be purchased in the near future is sewn.⠀
  • Local economy. In the current situation, when local production in the countries is declining, we can do with it. We ensure the growth and development of the local economy.⠀
Yes, bravely. ⠀
Yes, it's risky. ⠀
Yes, very expensive. ⠀

But the value of the world is much more important than all possible risks.

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